Jessica Wonderlich

School Age Program Director Designee

Meet Jessica Wonderlich, our dedicated School Age Program Director Designee at Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church. Jessica joined our team on January 14th, 2020, and has over 3.5 years of experience working with children and within the church community. A lifelong member of Susanna Wesley, Jessica was inspired to work in our early learning and school-age setting because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere she experienced growing up in our church.

Jessica and her family have been part of the Susanna Wesley community for nearly 24 years, and she is passionate about continuing her involvement with the church in her professional life. When she’s not busy helping shape the minds of our young learners, Jessica enjoys reading, writing, and strumming her ukulele.

Although she isn’t currently involved in any other community or religious organizations, Jessica’s dedication to our church and its programs is unwavering. Her favorite children’s movie is Tangled – perhaps it’s the captivating story or memorable characters, but whatever the reason, it holds a special place in her heart.

We are fortunate to have Jessica as part of our Susanna Wesley family, and we know you’ll love getting to know her as she continues to impact the lives of our school-age children positively.

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