Forks And Fellowship

Forks and Fellowship

We believe that you can become the best version of yourself when you are in relationships with God and other people. Susanna Wesley (SW) Groups help make that happen. SW Groups meet regularly for friendship, faith development, and support through life’s ups and downs. They may be short-term or ongoing. Forks and Fellowship groups focus on friendship and sharing a meal together.

If you’re interested in getting to know others in our church family over food and friendly conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, we invite you to join a SW Group called Forks and Fellowship!


What is a Forks and Fellowship group?

Forks and Fellowship groups are groups of 6 to 12 adults that will meet for the purpose of friendship, fellowship and of course, eating! There is no requirement for a Bible study or devotional component.

What ages can participate in dinner groups?

These dinner groups are for adults of all ages.

How will groups be formed?

We’ll match people in groups based on their responses on the sign-up form. You’ll be assigned to a group based on your preferences, likes and wishes.

How do the meals work?

They can work in different ways, and it’s up to your group to decide. The host can provide the main course while other group members bring side dishes and dessert; or everyone in the group can bring a dish for the group to share; or the group can meet at a local restaurant.

Who schedules the meals?

Your group will determine that together at your first meeting. Then, at the end of each meeting, the group will confer to schedule the next dinner date, time, and location.