Andrew Conard


Child Care Center, Faith Formation, and School Age

Start Date: July 1, 2019

On July 1, 2019, Andrew Conard became the pastor at Susanna Wesley UMC. He is married to Nicole, an ordained UMC minister who serves as the Young Adults and Campus Ministry Coordinator for the UMC Great Plains Conference. Andrew and Nicole have two children, John and Anne. Pastor Andrew enjoys gardening, photography, and staying active. Pastor Andrew shares some of the things he loves about being a pastor:

“I love the opportunity to help people and organizations take the next faithful step in their life with God and one another. Every person is in a different place in their spiritual journey. Whether someone isn’t sure if they believe in God or have been a deeply committed disciple for many years, there is always room for growth. I love to help people take the next step toward a more profound love of God and people.

The same thing is true for organizations – local churches, annual conferences, and the denomination. There are strengths and weaknesses in where we are today. There is also a future to which God is inviting and calling us toward. I love helping congregations identify and take the steps toward what God has in mind for us together.

It is also a great blessing to be part of singular moments in the lives of individuals – funerals, weddings, deciding to follow Jesus, preparing for surgery, making significant life decisions, and many others. As a pastor, I have the honor and privilege to be part of the lives of individuals and families during these times. I am grateful for the opportunity to help bring a reminder of God’s presence into these situations and more.”

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