Charlotte Armstrong

Early Learning Assistant Teacher

Charlotte Armstrong joined the Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church as an Early Learning Assistant Teacher in the Early Learning program on May 1, 2023. She has spent approximately five months working with children, a calling she finds deeply rewarding. Her journey to Susanna Wesley began when a close friend, already employed at the church, recommended that she apply. For Charlotte, combining her love for working with children and the faith-based environment at Susanna Wesley felt like a perfect match.

At home, Charlotte lives with her mother and maintains a close relationship with her older sister, pursuing a biology degree at Kansas State University. Her mother is an accountant, and her father is an engineer. When not at the church, she enjoys socializing with friends and makes time to visit her sister. Currently enrolled in online school, Charlotte diligently balances her academic commitments with her work responsibilities and personal life. While she attends church services as often as possible, her faith remains an essential aspect of her community involvement.

One of her cherished family traditions is watching the movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas” during the holiday season. This enduring classic holds sentimental value for Charlotte, symbolizing the joy and warmth of the holidays shared with her mother and sister.

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