Kelsey Lovan

Early Learning Center Director

Meet Kelsey Lovan, our dynamic Early Learning Center Director, who began her journey with us on August 7, 2023. Boasting over a decade of experience with children, Kelsey’s unique blend of fostering creativity within structured learning has become an integral part of Susanna Wesley. The joy of watching young minds grow and develop is both inspiring and rewarding for her.

Kelsey’s world outside Susanna Wesley is filled with love and laughter. Married to her best friend, they share the joys and challenges of raising three spirited children, not to mention their trio of feline friends. Kelsey has a penchant for puzzles, diving into captivating books, hunting for deals through couponing, and unearthing treasures in thrift shops.

A cherished memory from her childhood is being introduced to “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein in her first-grade class. The whimsical poems, infused with humor and life lessons, made a lasting impression. With the birth of her first daughter, the tradition of reading this delightful book was rekindled, making it a family favorite.

While Kelsey isn’t active in other community or religious organizations yet, her dedication at Susanna Wesley speaks volumes about her commitment and love for early learning. Want to get to know her better? Chat about your latest thrift shop discovery or exchange favorite Silverstein poems with her!

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