Kendall Reid

Early Learning Assistant Teacher

Kendall Reid joined the Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church team as an Early Learning Assistant Teacher on July 5, 2023. With five months of experience working with children in a church setting, Kendall’s passion for teaching and nurturing young minds is evident in her daily interactions with the children at Susanna Wesley. Inspired by her love for working with children, Kendall sees her role at the church as a stepping stone towards a fulfilling career in teaching.

Outside her professional life, Kendall enjoys exploring the various hiking trails around Kansas, immersing herself in the beauty of nature. She also has a keen interest in movies, particularly enjoying outdoor activities in her free time. Kendall’s family, whom she describes as fun and influential in shaping her personality, plays a significant role in her life.

In addition to her responsibilities at Susanna Wesley, Kendall is an active member of Grace Assembly in Burlingame, KS, where she engages in community and religious activities. Her favorite children’s movie is “Coraline,” a film she found intriguingly scary as a child and continues to hold dear.

Kendall’s dedication to early learning and her vibrant involvement in the community make her a valued member of the Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church staff. Her enthusiasm and commitment to childhood education and development testify to her character and professional aspirations.

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